I’m back!

I have taken a long break from this blog since I was really busy with work and studies, but the year is coming to an end and I have more free time and a lot of new ideas.

I am finally moving out of my parents house and will be starting to take care of myself from January all on my own.  I am moving in with two other girls my around my age and can’t wait!
This will also add more value to my blog as I learn to budget for rent, food and all the other bills due to me learning to provide for myself.

I have planned a few hobbies that I will start doing next year and has gotten loads of books for my birthday that will keep me busy for a long time.

My credit card debt has decreased by a large amount since I have been able to pay more of it off since I started to budget but I am planning in paying it off in the new year.

I am currently reading a great book called “Manage your money like a f#cking grownup” by Sam Beckbessinger.  I can’t wait to incorporate what I have learned into my life and share it here.  I am flying through the book, since it is SO interesting and will share it soon.
I will also tell you about my budget for December soon and also tell you what my net worth is at that date.

I’ll keep you posted!

My frugal weekend #4

Rather late than never!  Time has flown by so quickly and we didn’t have any Internet at home so I am now writing for the first time since last week.

I was away all last week to a game reserve, Mabula, and it was absolute bliss.  The weather was a lot warmer than in Pretoria and we could wear shorts and t-shirts.  We had two game drives during the week and the rest of the time I spent reading, napping and eating.  What is better than that after a hectic work week?  I sat all morning outside in the winter sun reading and watching birds in the beautiful bushveld.

On Friday we came home and I immediately left to visit my boyfriend on his parents’ farm in the eastern Free State.  We spent the weekend relaxing inside, since it is very cold there in the winter, and just catching up.  On Saturday when it was warmer we drove around the farm on a motor bike.

So all in all I have had the best week and weekend since the beginning of the year.  I was so burnt out after working very hard to meet deadlines for a month that I needed the rest badly.  I will definitively try to get away more often to be able to recuperate.

In terms of spending, I depleted my bank account to fill my car up, so now I just try to live as focused as possible to try and not spend any more money.  I pack lunches the night before for work and stay out of the shops.  Only have to keep this up for a week when it will be pay day again.  I do have a little savings from which I will buy my boyfriend a birthday present this weekend since it is his birthday next weekend.

I have no idea what to buy him.  He is turning 30! Any ideas?

My frugal weekend #3

I should change this blog’s name to Lein’s Spending Life instead after the weekend I had.  It started out very well, and ended horribly!  It is not even the middle of the month yet, and I am broke.  I only have money left for a little bit of petrol and this month’s boot camp fee.

I think the reason that I spent so much money is because I was mentally not in a good place last week.  I worked 9 hours overtime in total the week to meet deadlines so got home late and exhausted each evening.  I also wasn’t able to attend the boot camp classes which usually helps lift my spirits.  So I left home in the dark and came home in the dark, skipped dinner and went straight to bed Monday to Friday.  I also bought lunches twice during the week since I didn’t make time to pack any for work.

On Saturday I woke up late, watched a bit of Netflix then went to the mall to collect my new debit card (I still had a card with only a magstripe and switched it to a chip card – better security).  Proud to say that I only went into the bank and left the mall immediately after.  Then I took my car to a car wash since it was so filthy after working at a game lodge with dirt roads for three weeks (spent R100).  Afterwards I came home and relaxed at home with my boyfriend and family.

On Sunday we decided to go for a movie.  My boyfriend paid for the movie and I paid for the popcorn and soda (R120).  Which is fine, I did plan to spend some money this weekend for fun but I should have stopped spending then.  Nothing else was needed.

While waiting for the movie we decided to browse the shops.  First we went into the make-up store and I bought face powder (R150) and then we went into the music shop and I bought the new CD of the Parlotones (180).  Now, I am obsessed with make up and the Parlotones, but I spent money on wants and not needs and did not think it through, I just mindlessly spent money.

One thing I can say is that I did not use my credit card!  And I refuse to use it at all this month.  The only way that I will be able not to use it is if I don’t spend any more.  So for the rest of the month I will not spend a single cent more.  I will just have to plan my time better to be able to pack lunches for work and read and relax at home so I don’t have to spend any money.

One thing that I am so excited for is that I am on holiday this week!  I am leaving with my parents this afternoon and we will be spending the week at Mabula, a luxurious game lodge for a little R&R!

That will use up a bit of the month and then when I get back on Friday, I only have 2 weeks left of no-spending until payday.

I will use this time to find activities that does not require any spending, since I want to live abundantly and not just live for payday.  Any tips?


I love making goals for each year, month, week and sometimes even for some days!

Making goals gets me going and keep me motivated.  I cannot imagine a life with no goals, that would just be existing and not living.

Happy 1st of August!  This is the last month of winter for us in the southern hemisphere.  I am so exited for spring! I am definitely not a winter person and is counting the days until spring time.

My goals for August:
– Go to boot camp 4 times a week
– Plan meals in order to get better nutrition from meals and save money
– Drink more water and less coffee and soda (water is free and healthy!)
– Sleep more and less binge watching of series
– Pay off R6 000 worth of debt
– Do not use credit card once
– Do a Park Run
– Spend more time with family
– Make more efforts in cooking
– Read more
– Give 100% at work
– Finish a large chunk of studying

Do you like to make goals?

Where I’m at

So it is time to show the numbers.  You must be wondering how much debt do I have exactly.  Me telling you how I am planning to pay it off doesn’t mean much if you do not know how much debt I’ve got.  There you have it:


Figures in ZAR.

I am also showing you how much savings I’ve got, because this might be used in the future to deplete the debt.  (The interest rate paid is higher for debt than the interest rate earned on savings.)

I will do a monthly update on this to track my progress and stay focused.

My frugal weekend #2

What a weekend! I am exhausted after this weekend, and not so happy with all the spending 😦  Why is it that when you need to save money, all of your necessary toiletries are all finished at once?! And toiletries are expensive!

Here is a breakdown of my weekend:

I get one afternoon a month of and decided to do take it Friday afternoon.  I swung by the Kryolan store to buy foundation after work (it ran out two weeks ago and I have been going bare-faced for two weeks, which wasn’t so bad, see my post about my experience here: https://leinsfrugallife.com/2018/07/21/on-make-up/)

I also got a haircut on Friday and my hair is now the shortest that it has ever been!  I cut it so short since I am making a fresh start with my finances and my perspective on life.

Thereafter I bought my grandmother a present for her birthday and toiletries and went home for the evening.

Did you watch the moon eclipse?  We could see the whole thing in South Africa and it was breathtaking! It lasted a whole hour and it was really nice to sit outside with my family and watch it.  It was a lovely evening with clear skies although it is winter here.

On Saturday we woke up at 7, packed and drove to my grandparents’ farm in the Free State.  There we had a braai in the late afternoon and just had a good time with my mother’s extended family to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.

We returned on Sunday and I spent the evening watching Netflix.

My expenses for the weekend:
Hair cut – R550
Grandmothers’ birthday present – R87.50
Petrol – R546.95
Toiletries – R91.27
Total – 1 275.72

Not good at all!

And just today I used the last of my contact lens solution and deodorant so will have to stock up on that again today.

Current no-spending spree – 2 days, but it will be broken again today.

How was your weekend?

It’s payday!

Payday is finally here, after I ran out of money a week ago. And since I am planning to be so disciplined, I have drafted a budget to make sure I allocate excess funds to all my loans and savings accounts after I have deducted my monthly expenses to see what I have left as spending money.

So here is where I’m at:


Taxes and medical aid contributions are already deducted from my salary before my employer pays it over to me, so therefore I do not need to budget for that.

I do allocate a portion for spending money because I do not think I will be able to keep momentum in paying off my debt if I do not have a little money to spend each month. Otherwise I will just pull out my credit card again if I want something thinking that it will in any case be years before I can afford it. By having a little spending money, I can have fun and when it is finished for the month, I know that next month I will have spending money again.

I am happy with my budget like it is at the moment. 59% of my income is allocated to debt repayments and 2% allocated to a retirement annuity fund. I will keep on contributing 4% to the cancer policy since cancer is part of my family medical history, but 50% of the balance will also be paid out to me as a lump sum when I turn 65 so it will add to my retirement funding. (The cancer policy is a lump sum that will be paid out to me in the event that I get cancer in order to cover medical and living expenses.)

The hair cut and boot camp is also necessary expenses this month. The boot camp to keep me sane and the hair cut since I haven’t cut my hair in 5 months and the ends are fried.

I am still on track to be debt free by the end of December 2020!