I love making goals for each year, month, week and sometimes even for some days!

Making goals gets me going and keep me motivated.  I cannot imagine a life with no goals, that would just be existing and not living.

Happy 1st of August!  This is the last month of winter for us in the southern hemisphere.  I am so exited for spring! I am definitely not a winter person and is counting the days until spring time.

My goals for August:
– Go to boot camp 4 times a week
– Plan meals in order to get better nutrition from meals and save money
– Drink more water and less coffee and soda (water is free and healthy!)
– Sleep more and less binge watching of series
– Pay off R6 000 worth of debt
– Do not use credit card once
– Do a Park Run
– Spend more time with family
– Make more efforts in cooking
– Read more
– Give 100% at work
– Finish a large chunk of studying

Do you like to make goals?

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